While a sideshow is usually described as one that takes place in conjunction with the main event, it's also a fitting title for the myriad collaborations among musicians. In addition to gathering and writing material for his third album, Jan collaborates with other musicians on a regular basis, often on multiple projects simultaneously, contributing guitar & vocal tracks and/or co-producing songs and entire albums. Jan's current projects include:

Michael Sarcona

A longtime friend and fellow musician who despite experiencing retinitis pigmentosa (commonly called tunnel vision) for many years, Michael Sarcona continues to write and record songs and themed albums at a prodigious rate. Living on opposite ends of the country, we rely on today's file sharing technologies to overcome any barriers to recording and producing songs. Michael's extensive catalog, which he says is done for the “sheer joy of making music”, is on SoundCloud and can be heard here.

Clear Blue Skies

Clear Blue Skies began as a project in 2016 when founder Lee Kirchhevel assembled a group of like-minded musicians with the goal of recording an album’s worth of his original songs. Recording was the main focus, and with Jan as co-producer the band completed its eponymous album in 2019, debuting it live at Hendrix Hall in San Diego. Lee and Jan are currently  working on a second Clear Blue Skies album, due in early 2024. Click here for more about Clear Blue Skies.

Nostalgic Now, WGASA

In 2022 Jan helped co-produce the first solo album from Clear Blues Skies founder Lee Kirchhevel, called Nostalgic Now. Jan also provided guitar and vocal harmonies on several songs. Another album being completed under the working title WGASA (you can figure it out) is slated for an early 2024 release, with songs co-written by Lee and Clear Blue Skies drummer Steve Davis.

Stay tuned for more music!

- Jan Zverina, November 2023