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Image: Dean Pauley

Den·si·ty: densədē/: the degree of compactness of a substance.  Solidity, substance, mass. 

That’s the generally accepted definition, but on a personal level it can mean years of accumulated experience through the slow but steady gathering of knowledge, even wisdom! 'Density: Then & Now' is a stratum of songs many years in the making. Some quick notes… 

    Forever Ago (1983/2013) - The original lyrics still exist somewhere, but I asked Michael Sarcona, a good friend and a fine songwriter, to write new ones under the working theme of ‘Forever Ago’ to acknowledge the added density of 30+ years of living since we first played the original version.  

   (I’m No) Seventh Son (2013) - My life in three verses. Written in 20 minutes in a hotel lobby while waiting for a colleague. Based on the folklore of the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son - look it up! 

      I’m OK (2012) - Dedicated to my mom and written in one outpouring shortly after her passing, with not one word changed since. She always wanted to be assured that everything was OK with me – and she wouldn’t want to hear otherwise!

 That Time (1981) – Forgotten for some 35+ years until I found the only reel-to-reel recording of it. I’ve done my best to honor its original essence. 

  Space Available and That Summer Day (2020) – Penned just as we were entering the 'Great Pandemic' of our times, which emptied office buildings as we yearned to enjoy a great summer day without masks or social distancing! 

That's the 'Then & Now' part.  My gratitude to Lee Kirchhevel and Andrew Ivan Zverina for their recording and sound engineering expertise, and to Christian Cummings for final mixes and mastering. Cover image: Lee Kirchhevel & Ben Tolo.

Please enjoy, and remain both safe and creative!

 Jan Zverina, Spring 2021

Density : Then & Now is: 

  • Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars: Jan Zverina 
  • Harmonies: Jan Zverina, Valerie Zverina 
  • Drums: Andrew Ivan Zverina 
  • Bass guitars: Dean Pauley 
  • Keyboards: Ken Roberts (Bliss, Seventh Son), Jan Zverina (Good Times Will Come)
  1. Forever Ago (1983/2013) 
  2. Bliss (2011)         
  3. Out of Frame (2015) 
  4. Caught Up in Circles (2011) 
  5. I’m OK (2012)     
  6. That Time (1981) 
  7. (I’m No) Seventh Son (2013) 
  8. Run, Run Away (2014) 
  9. You’re the Weatherman (2013) 
  10. Space Available (2020) 
  11. That Summer Day (2020) 
  12. Good Times Will Come (1984/2020)

Copyright 2021 jazmusic.net  All rights reserved. All songs written and arranged by Jan Zverina, with credit to Michael Sarcona (lyrics, Forever Ago), Matty Proctor & Ben Tolo (selected verses, Bliss). Good Times Will Come was first recorded at Network Recording Studios, Brooklyn, NY.